Ms S. Finlay, Headteacher

Ms S. Finlay, Headteacher

Welcome to our second year of Dean Trust Ardwick.  Our new building is now open, the moment many of us have been waiting for. This is an historic occasion for us and we are most privileged to be the first to set foot inside the new school and embark on a fabulous journey together.

We firmly believe that over the course of this year and years to come we shall establish an excellent tradition for providing first class education for local children rooted in high standards, along with our other Dean Trust academies. The splendid facilities and latest technologies, together with a talented and dedicated staff, pave the way for all pupils to excel in their learning and enjoy school to the maximum.

We are in a wonderful position to prepare all our pupils fully for the exciting opportunities and demands that their adult world will present. We look forward to continuing an important role  in the local community and delivering high quality education that all children deserve.

Ms S. Finlay