School Communications Instructions


We are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new facility for you. ‘School Gateway’ is the online ‘School Comms’ parent portal which is available 24 hours a day and can be accessed via an app or online. We are confident that this new system will revolutionise how the school communicates with parents and carers. The app will provide instant access to the following information about your child via your phone or the internet.

  • Pupil Information
  • Attendance: ability to notify us if your child is absent (we also encourage ringing us) and the facility to respond and let us know the reason.
  • Timetable: the opportunity to view your child’s timetable for the week.
  • Clubs: facility to see what clubs are running each evening and if your child is attending.

General school information

  • Information on school events and trips.
  • Contact information: so you can keep your contact details up to date.
  • School News: links to our school website


What you need to do now


Download the app: If you have a smartphone, please download ‘School Gateway’ from your app store (Android and iPhone). The app shows the same information as the website. This will also help us when we send you messages either individually or as part of a group of parents.


Visit the website:


Sign up

Only use the same email address and your priority mobile number that you have provided to the school on your admissions form. Click on ‘New User’ and fill in the information. You will receive a text message with a PIN number. Use this PIN to login to School Gateway.


If you can’t activate your account


If you are having trouble logging in, it may be because the school doesn’t have your current email and mobile phone number on record. Please call us on 0161 972 2988 and we’ll update your details on our system.