Being on time for school

Being on time for the start of the school day is essential for every pupil. How we start our day can influence how well the rest of the day unfolds. Is it part of growing up to learn how organise and prepare oneself for the day or task ahead.

We take punctuality seriously at Dean Trust Ardwick, and we expect every pupil to be on time for school.  By 8.40 am all pupils are in their form rooms and the register is being taken. Form time and assemblies are vital to setting the tone for the day and ensuring good preparation for the lessons ahead.

The school gates close at 8.35am after which time pupils must report to reception.

Of course we accept there may the exception where there may be an unforeseen circumstance at home or when travelling to school, which can cause unavoidable delay. In these cases we expect parents to contact the school before school starts so we know in advance. However we would still need to record a pupil late, despite the reason, but in such circumstances a consequence would be avoided.

Lateness to school

Pupils who are repeatedly late to school miss out on their education

Pupils who are late to school after 8.40am are marked as ‘L’ unless they arrive after the register closes at 9.10am in which case they will be marked as ‘U’; this means they miss their morning session mark, and the session is counted as unauthorised if no satisfactory explanation is provided.

A sanction is given for pupils who are late to school without good reason, and repeated lateness will require parents/ carers to come into school for a meeting with the Head of Year.