Pastoral Support

The welfare of pupils is our first priority. We provide strong pastoral support for pupils at Dean Trust Ardwick, and believe that this is necessary to support pupils’ learning. We believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’, so we ensure that as much as possible we prevent issues escalating to serious problems. We always deal with any issues promptly.

All our staff have the responsibility to provide support for pupils, whatever their role or position. Although any pupil can speak with any member of staff, we also have a support structure in place. No matter is too small for us:

  • In the first instance, we would expect that the Form Tutor would be able to provide support for a pupil in their form.
  • Sometimes extra help may be required, and in these cases the Pupil Support Manager for that year group will step in to help the pupil.
  • Some pupils benefit from a daily 1-1 mentoring meeting led by our Middle and Senior Leaders, and we also provide support for some pupils (with parental consent) from an external Education Consultant.
  • Sometimes pupils just want to be able to talk to another pupil, but may not be sure who. We have fully trained School Buddies who are available to support pupils during breaks and lunchtimes, and support new pupils when they join.
  • Sometimes pupils don’t want to talk about a problem. Buddies are also in charge of the School Buddy Box where pupils can jot down a concern and put it discreetly in the box in the library which will then be addressed by an adult or School Buddy.
  • Our text messaging service is another channel of support that pupils can use; they can contact school any time out of school hours and weekends 24 hours a day. We shall pick up the text as soon as we are in school. ( NB: phones are not allowed during the school day!)
  • The Safeguarding Team (which includes the SENDCo)  meets with the Head of Year regularly to discuss any welfare concerns ,the support in place, and next steps.
  • All concerns are recorded on our internal CPOMS system, and this way, the Safeguarding Team gets to know about any welfare concerns so that they can make sure the right support is in place to avoid further problems.
  • We encourage participation in extra- curricular activities and other opportunities which give the chance for pupils to get involved in the life of the school.
  • Our rewards and sanctions system is there to support pupils to help them make the right choices and take personal responsibility.

We also have a number of other ways we can support pupils which can be found on our Early Help Offer in the Safeguarding section on the website.

We do rely on the support of parents and carers and we shall contact home at any time we feel there is a concern.