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Ms S. Finlay, Headteacher

Ms S. Finlay, Headteacher


Dear Parents and Carers,


We reach the end of our first half term. Where has the time gone? The school has grown not just in numbers but quality: the quality of learning and standard of work, the level of maturity of a lot of our pupils, the level of ambition and commitment to the school’s standards and values, and the quality of staff we have appointed are all evident this term so far.

Pupils have been engaging well in their ‘improvement lessons’ following their assessments last week, and now know how they need to improve so they are ready for their forthcoming end of term tests next half term.

Please read on to find out about out two Year 9 trips this week and our Achievement assemblies, where so many pupils were awarded certificates for their hard work and efforts.

We look forward next half term to seeing the newly appointed pupil leaders making a difference in the school.

To finish, please do come to our next Coffee Morning on 10th November where we shall be looking at the school website together and hopefully getting some good ideas from you too!

Have a peaceful half term


Yours sincerely

 Ms S. Finlay,







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