Year 7 Admissions for September 2017

Ms S. Finlay, Headteacher

Ms S. Finlay, Headteacher

Dear Parents,
I am delighted to introduce myself as the Headteacher at Dean Trust Ardwick. I work alongside the Executive Principal, Mr Tarun Kapur CBE to provide our pupils with an education of the highest standards.

As part of the family of schools belonging to The Dean Trust, we are rooted in traditional British values and high standards of academic performance, attendance and behaviour. We expect all pupils to try their best. The Dean Trust uniform is worn with great pride by everyone. Our children are taught and supported by a team of talented and enthusiastic staff who are committed to ensuring that every child is able to achieve well. Pupils follow an exciting and challenging curriculum, and are taught in small classes with the right support at hand to help all children succeed, working with high quality resources and technology.

It is a privilege seldom experienced to be involved with the creation of a new school, and with that in mind I am really looking forward to getting to know you and your child as we venture together on this exciting journey. I look forward to meeting parents and prospective Year 7 pupils and feel sure that Dean Trust Ardwick will be your school of choice.

Ms S Finlay


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