5th May 2016


5th May 2016

Dear Parent/Carer,
I would like to draw your attention to a few initiatives we have recently implemented in school:

Access to Moodle
Homework and classwork can be now accessed from our new learning platform ‘Moodle’. Your child has a unique login number. Teachers are placing homework and class resources onto Moodle and of course it is a great opportunity for you to support your child as you can also access their workspace with their login details. Please visit:


Behaviour for Learning Grades
Pupils are now awarded a Behaviour for Learning (BfL) grade in every lesson:

1= excellent 2= good 3= improvement needed 4= serious concern.

The purpose of this system is to track the behaviour and attitude of pupils in lessons towards their learning, so that we can reward pupils who gain good grades and deal promptly with any issues. Your child’s Form Tutor will contact you if we have any concerns and you will also hear from us if your child earns a place in the top 5 of pupils to be awarded the highest number of BfL grades in the year group in one complete week.

Return to School Meetings
As announced in a recent newsletter, any pupil who is absent from now on will meet with one of our pastoral staff upon return to discuss the absence and ensure that they collect all the work missed. We shall send you a copy of the notes from the discussion which will also be kept on our records. The purpose of this system is to ensure that pupils are reintegrated successfully, pick up any concerns, and also prepare them for the world of work where this is normal practice.
We are sure that these initiatives will work well once established and of course, we trust in your continued support in helping us making the systems work successfully for the one sole purpose, which is to benefit the pupils.

Yours sincerely

Ms S Finlay
Dean Trust Ardwick