Saturday School letter

13th May 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are currently having a close look at homework, and we are finding that whilst many pupils are handing in their homework on time, there are a small number who fail to do so. A minority of pupils are constantly placed on detention for either not doing it, or not bringing it in by the date required.

Therefore in order to prevent homework becoming a major problem in the future, we are taking preventative measures now whilst they are in Year 7. We are encouraging pupils to take responsibility for improving their personal organisation and learn about the importance of compliance with expectations and standards. We believe this to be good preparation for adult life.

After half term Saturday School detentions will commence for those pupils who repeatedly fail to do, complete or hand in their homework on time. It may also be used for other reasons where applicable.  Clearly, if Saturday School is to be avoided pupils should ensure they hand in their completed homework by the due date.

Saturday School will last from 9am – 11am and pupils will attend in full school uniform and do work during that time.

The Department for Education fully supports schools in using their powers to instruct pupils to attend weekend detentions. We shall notify you in writing if your child is required to attend. Please note that in line with government legislation we do not need to seek parental permission. Where it is impossible for a pupil to serve a Saturday detention on the given date due to exceptional circumstances, a request from the parent should be made to the Headteacher in writing, and an alternative Saturday may be agreed.

We do have every confidence that you will fully support us in this drive to ensure the highest standards of education at Dean Trust Ardwick and the continuing progress of your child.


Yours sincerely

Ms S Finlay
Dean Trust Ardwick