Attendance Letter


13th January 2016

Dear Parent/Carer
Although you will have probably read my weekly ‘Head’s letter’ on the website last week, I would like to draw your attention again to the importance attendance plays in your child’s education. Parents have a legal responsibility to send their child to school.

The law (s444 Education Act 1996) states that;

‘A parent commits an offence if they fail to ensure their child’s regular attendance at a school where the child is registered’.

As you know, our school standard is 98% minimum. Once a pupil’s attendance falls below 98%, it then becomes a concern to us and we start to monitor their record closely. We step in by following a number of stages to help remedy the problem. The issue is escalated following any further absences after the phone call alert.

      1. A phone call home to alert you of our concerns when attendance falls below 98%.

2. An initial letter formally raising our concerns.

3. A meeting at school, together with a letter which states that all following absences will be unauthorised (unless accompanied by medical evidence).
4. A warning letter of Fixed Penalty Notice when 5 unauthorised sessions (2.5 days) have accumulated.
5. As a last resort, a letter informing you of our decision to refer to the Local Authority for statutory action
(i.e. Fixed Penalty Notice or Prosecution).

There may the exceptional occasion where your child is ill and there is no alternative but to stay at home to ensure a speedy recovery. We would expect you will take your child to the doctor in such cases. Please note that absence from school will likely follow with a home visit from us.

In all cases of absence, a phone call to inform us, and an absence note is required. (There is a page in the pupils’ planner for the note). The Headteacher reserves the right not to authorise absences if the reason is not deemed acceptable.

Please do not make doctors and other medical appointments during the school day (unless it is a hospital appointment and you have been give the date and time).

We trust you will support us in our expectation of good attendance. Pupils must be in school to learn. The accompanying documents may help you and you can also find them on the website.


Yours sincerely

Ms S Finlay
Dean Trust Ardwick